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In any divorce, it is essential to assure a fair and equitable division of marital assets and property. Our compassionate attorney understands that divorce can be a difficult time already, especially when considering how to deal with property division rights and disputes. At Rudolf A Jaworski Jr. PC, our committed Essex County property division lawyer will advocate for you and fight for your best interest, giving you more time and energy to care for yourself and your family.

Our goal is to facilitate a reasonable and practical property settlement that saves the time and expense of a trial. If, however, litigation is the best solution to get you the fair property division order you need and deserve, we have the extensive experience to fight for what is right in court.

If you have filed for divorce and are seeking the help of an experienced attorney in resolving a dispute over property division, please contact Attorney Rudy Jaworski in Danvers, Massachusetts, today to schedule an initial consultation. Call 978-307-7087 now.

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How is Property Divided Following a Divorce in MA?

Arguments over property division can quickly move a relatively amicable divorce into a serious legal contest. In many cases, the cost of fighting for more money or a greater share of the marital estate at trial outweighs any gains made.

Issues in Property Division: Investments and Retirement Accounts

In many cases, at least a portion of a pension, 401(k), or other investment or retirement account is subject to division in divorce. Determining exactly what part of the account is marital property and what constitutes separate assets not subject to division is often a complex task.

Our experience allows us to conduct a rapid yet thorough valuation of these investments in order to make a reliable and convincing determination. We can assist you in obtaining a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), which enables you to receive your fair share of these assets or transfer a fair share to your spouse without taxes or penalties.

Rudy Jaworski can also advise you as to the tax consequences of any proposed property settlement that entails the division of investment and retirement accounts.

Our experience and straightforward approach enables us to guide you in obtaining a fair and equitable division of marital property and assets. We can effectively handle cases involving substantial real estate investments and the discovery of hidden assets.

Representing Massachusetts Divorce Clients in the Division of Real Estate Holdings

With today’s economic uncertainty, people facing divorce are very concerned about accurately valuing real estate in an effort to achieve their due during property division. Due to the instability of the real estate market, selling your home or other property investments may not be in the best interest of you or your spouse. It may be a more prudent choice to hold onto your home or other property until the market is right.

At the law firm of Rudolf A. Jaworski Jr. PC, in Danvers, Massachusetts, we help divorce clients make informed decisions about their real estate holdings. After reviewing property appraisals, we will use our experience to give you an honest assessment of your options and help you proceed down a path that protects your best interests.

You May Not Need to Sell Your Home

It is a common misconception that a judge will make you sell your family home during a divorce. Based your specific situation, we can often make a strong argument against doing so.

  • You may be close to being upside down on the house
  • You may have children who would be negatively impacted by relocation
  • It may not be possible to sell one house and purchase two more in the same community

In these types of circumstances, the sensible choice may be to keep the family home. Other assets can be negotiated to compensate the spouse who will need to relocate.

Dealing With Vacation Properties

If you own an oceanfront vacation property or a ski lodge in the mountains, you may not want to lose the opportunity to continue to build family vacation memories. You may not have to. Oftentimes we can negotiate an agreement for sharing these properties.

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Assisting Massachusetts Clients With Concerns About Hidden Marital Assets

Divorce is seldom an easy process. There are many issues that require examination. One of the most important factors in a divorce involves determining the accurate value of all marital assets. But, what should you do if you suspect your spouse has not provided a full disclosure of money in bank accounts, investments and property?

At the law firm of Rudolf A. Jaworski Jr. PC, in Danvers, Massachusetts, we work with clients who have a legitimate reason to suspect their spouse of possessing hidden assets. In today’s world, finding hidden assets can be extremely difficult. Privacy laws in the banking industry often restrict access to accounts and various transactions. Through the use of forensic accountants and other search experts, we may be able to help you prove hidden assets exist.

The divorce lawyers at our firm represent clients throughout Essex County, eastern Middlesex County, and North Shore communities, such as Andover, North Andover, Beverly, Boxford, Gloucester, Hamilton, Ipswich, Manchester by the Sea, Middleton, Newburyport, Rockport, Wenham, Winchester, and Topsfield.

Contact us now at 978-307-7087 to arrange a consultation to discuss the discovery of hidden assets with an experienced Essex County property division lawyer.

Finding Hidden Assets During Divorce

Finding hidden assets is an extremely complex process, often involving a serious time and financial commitment. Clients who choose to travel down this road must have very solid reasoning behind their suspicions and must be aware that, in some cases, efforts to locate suspected hidden assets may be in vain.

If hidden assets exist, you really need to know more than a feeling that “he or she has money stashed away someplace”. To prove hidden assets are present, there has to be evidence showing a discrepancy between what is being spent and the total sum of known investments, retirement accounts and other assets. If there is a significant discrepancy, we must determine where it has come from, where it has gone and how much is missing.

Our firm may subpoena banks and other financial institutions, if appropriate, for account records. We may have an accountant review tax records to ensure all income is accounted for. If money still appears to be missing, we will do all we can to find out where it has gone and to ensure that it becomes a part of your divorce case.

Determining the Best Option for Reaching Your Outcome Goals

In many divorce cases, it is better to negotiate or settle outside of court. While we are experienced trial lawyers, we are also skilled negotiators. We are committed to protecting your rights and advocating for your best interests. Unlike other lawyers who may be afraid to settle a divorce case, our attorneys will give you an honest opinion, backed by facts, on whether or not we believe you will achieve a better outcome through alternative means.

To discuss your divorce situation and legal options with an experienced attorney, call our offices today at 978-307-7087. You may also e-mail us with a brief description of your case for a rapid response. We offer ample free parking at our offices, which are conveniently located just off exit 22 on Route 128 in Danvers.

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