Get to Know Us Through the Eyes of Our Clients
  • Rudy was great to work with.
    Rudy was great. He always answered my calls or got back to me quickly. He explained what we were doing all throughout and even waited in that long line at court to get us checked in. He was great to work with.

    - Margaret

  • Capable in the Extreme, Efficient, tough when necessary

    Rudy represented me for the last 3 years at the end of my endless divorce. My child is now emancipated, so I think it’s all over in my case. My ex-spouse and I previously agreed that child support would be terminated upon emancipation and that we would file a joint petition to that effect, but when the time came there was no cooperation. Rudy stepped in, expedited the matter and managed to get the child support terminated and a refund to me of the overpaid amount.

    Rudy is fast and to the point. When we have gone before the judge, he always has every i dotted and every t crossed. He is clearly respected by the court, which is crucial. He really knows the law, and that knowledge saved me thousands in costs that I would have incurred that were neither necessary nor mandated.

    Rudy doesn’t take any nonsense from the other side. He sticks to the law and the facts and won’t let himself be drawn into lengthy and expensive back and forth arguments over details that are not relevant. Rudy would quickly scan, file and ignore negative or provocative communications from the other side, He stays focused on the law and the facts. He is not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for.

    In the end, Rudy was worth every penny. He is also warm and compassionate, and easy to talk to. My heart goes out to anyone who is in the situation of needing his services, but aside from that, I would absolutely turn to Rudy again in the (hopefully unlikely) event I would need his help. In my case, I am hopefully done with family court for life.

    - David

  • I felt extremely comfortable knowing that Rudy has the experience and expertise to guide me.
    I’ve worked with Rudy through a very contentious divorce process, which took a long time to resolve because my ex-husband was extremely difficult. I felt that Rudy provided me with sound advice at every step of the process, helping me negotiate and resolve conflicts. I felt extremely comfortable knowing that Rudy has the experience and expertise to guide me. He helped me come up with a strong divorce agreement that I was comfortable with, as well as my contentious ex-husband and his lawyer. Most recently, when I had to deal with a new flare-up with my ex-husband, Rudy responded very quickly and gave me valuable advice.
    I would warmly recommend Rudy for his wisdom in working with both the opposing parties and also his knowledge of the court process.

    - Diana

  • Rudy was always there to pick up the phone and speak to me.
    I couldn’t have been happier with the way Rudy handled my divorce. I never felt left out in the dark with the status. If I had a question and Rudy’s Staff couldn’t answer it, Rudy was always there to pick up the phone and speak to me.

    - Jim

  • Rudy earned his respect and trusted by the local courts.
    Rudy has been my divorce lawyer since 2008. Rudy earned his respect and trusted by the local courts with the result that he does have to not engage in lengthy court sessions.

    - Ullrich

  • Top notch professional
    I found Rudy through a recommendation from a friend who is a lawyer in a neighboring state. Rudy helped me so much through a detailed and difficult divorce. Rudy is completely knowledgeable about all aspects of the divorce process. I would recommend Rudy 100% for anyone dealing with a divorce or marital issue.

    - Tom

  • Moved the ball forward
    The opposing lawyer in my divorce negotiations was happy to continue to string the process (and the costs) along with no end in sight. Rudy was able to bring the parties together and move the process - which was at a standstill - forward to an equitable solution for both sides.

    - Former Client

  • I highly recommend him.
    On top of things, high integrity, caring, right to the point, and derives every single dime I spent. I highly recommend him.

    - Philippe

  • Child Custody – Rudy Jaworski is a Hidden Gem

    I was referred to Attorney Jaworski by an individual in the financial services industry that knew of his reputation for and success with child custody matters.

    If you are now seeking a divorce attorney, you certainly understand the anxiety of the process, especially in the initial stages.  While I was separated and in the process of moving forward with the divorce, I learned, on radio and television reports, that my daughter’s mother’s boyfriend was arrested for child molestation.  It is impossible to explain how gut-wrenching it was to listen to that news.

    From my initial call with Rudy, I knew that he would help me.  Simply put, he has a very calm demeanor that is a blessing for clients … both in and out of the courtroom.

    In my business, I interact with attorneys for many facets of our business and have seen many differing styles and approaches in the arena.  I can attest that Rudy is a “Hidden Gem” … he believes in the commitment to the interests of his clients.

    Rudy provided well-reasoned and calm guidance and did not get hung up in the minutia.  In my case, he focused on two critical points—the safety of my daughter and the value of my business; and the overall result was a success, because of his experience and understanding of how to organize the approach while also adapting to extraordinary attacks from the opposing side.  (It is important that I share that I had over 30 bench hearing for motions mostly launched by the other side, as well as 6 trial days … so, I now consider myself an expert at the divorce process.)

    It is refreshing and inspiring to be given advice that is not only just legal but also practical and well-informed.  As Counsel, Rudy was exceptional.

    Rudy was also very responsive and attentive to my needs.  What impresses me the most, however, is how well-respected Attorney Jaworski is in the Courthouse.  The Judges greatly appreciate his ethics and sense of morality, which—frankly—translates into having the upper-hand in Court.  I highly recommend Rudy’s services.

    - Robb

  • THANK YOU from a Very Grateful Dad
    As a father that was ultimately granted custody of my two minor children, there aren't words to express the gratitude I have for the representation provided by Attorney Jaworski during both my during my divorce settlement and the 8-year custody battle/trial that followed. Attorney Jaworksi provided thoughtful and rational guidance while setting realistic expectations throughout the process. Both in and out of the courtroom, his professionalism, knowledge and experience proved to be invaluable. I could not have asked for a more competent, thorough, and caring advocate in achieving the desired outcome for my kids against pretty long odds. In my opinion, Attorney Jaworksi is, without question, one of the Super Lawyers!

    - Dan

  • He is very effective at his job and is well-respected in the Court House.
    Rudy focuses on the result and not the noise. He is very effective at his job and is well-respected in the Court House. Very effective for small business owners and those who are concerned about their children and need help on custody matters.

    - Robb O.